Being in bed…

Being in bed, having a shower, having breakfast in the kitchen, sitting in my study writing, walking in the garden, cooking and eating our common lunch at my office with my friends, going to the movies, taking my family to eat at a restaurant, going to bed again. There are a few more.
There are surprisingly few of these patterns of events in any one person’s way of life, perhaps no more than a dozen. Look at your own life and you will find the same. It is shocking at first, to see that there are so few patterns of events open to me.
Not that I want more of them. But when I see how very few of them there are, I begin to understand what huge effect these few patterns have on my life, on my capacity to live. If these few patterns are good for me, I can live well. If they are bad for me, I can’t.

Christopher Alexander

A non-writing writer…

A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.

Franz Kafka

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.” – Franz Kafka – See more at:

The Quest for Certainty…

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning.

Erich Fromm


I Don’t Expect to Be Happy…

I don’t expect to be happy, but it’s gotten beyond that, somehow.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Excellence is…

Excellence is doing your best at what you do best.

Cathleen Black


I’ve Never Been Lost…

I’ve never been lost, but I was bewildered once for three days.

Daniel Boone


Discipline yourself…

Discipline yourself and others won’t need to.

John Wooden


Life is not an emergency…

Life is not an emergency, life is eucharisteo [gratitude and thanksgiving].

Ann Voskamp


All is…

All is well.




Everything you want in the world…

Everything you want in the world is just right outside your comfort zone. Every single thing you could possibly want.

Jamie Lee Curtis


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